The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine


Ani pilots into orbit. Dagda, using the sensors, locates a city. Ani pilots to the surface and places the shuttle on lock-down. Dagda sets 1138 on non-lethal security protocols. Everyone arms up. Jovan and Jason tag along because they need another Med panel. Planetary official Loval asks the team some medical questions and places them in medical quarantine. Jovan and Jason clear up the situation and the team is free to go. They go to a diner across the street. Ani makes contact with her Shandama syndicate contact Brian. Dagda checks out Brian,working on nano-tech, and discovers that he works for the Novox Corp. Gov. Covington is on the Board of Directors. They buy a transport raft for 300 credits. As they speed along they see a clearing in the forrest. They see smoke up head. They find another route and set down next to the Novox Corp annex on this planet. Velgur, Jason, and Jovan head toward the R&D section looking for the nano-tech section. Brian enters and calls Covington. ANi contacts Covington later and finds out that they all have to goto Psidonia. Jovan and Jason ask Brian for a new Medical Motherboard. Dagda entangles William (mook). and makes him tell the truth. Dagda discovers a signal from the computer room. Dagda confronts Bob . Bob admits he has been in contact with Covington. Feeling betrayed they kick Bob off the ship. William in confined to the lounge. Ani plots a course for Psidonia and engages the jump-drive.


Dayson Dayson

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