The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine

A Blaze of Glory!

Ani and crew find all the equipment that they need to repair the USS Kaine in the warehouse. Velgur An directs the collection and cataloging efforts. Ani, Jollie, and their prisoner, Bob, travel back to the USS Kaine in the drop ship. Dagda and Velgur An travel back in the transport. Once there Velgur An and Jollie Brightstar begin installation and repair efforts, with the help of the spiderbots. The two cannisters in the hold show signs of life as the occupants are being slowly revived. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet we see the deck of the USS Victory and a shadowy figure as she checks the tracking screens for the USS Kaine. All supplies aboard the Kaine enters jumpspace for Rackasha avoiding the USS Victory in pursuit. The Rackashans need live food and nothing in the ships stores will do so a diversion to the nearest planet is made. Dagda takes the female Rackashans down to the jungle like planet to hunt for live food. Claudus refuses to leave Dr. Lynda Caldwell behind, so he stays on board the USS Kaine. The females hunt in the woods and bring back an offering to Claudus. Just as the drop ship is entering the hangar bay the USS Victory is detected in pursuit again. The USS Kaine once again enters jumpspace to evade them. Ani and crew become suspicious that they are being tracked so they investigate Bob and find a tracking device on him. Ani orders Velgur to modify it to give a false signal and it is jettisoned into space. The two bodies in the containers fully emerge from their stasis groggy and confused and unknown to the crew. Ani, checking on the status of the repairs, discovers Jovan and Jason Caldwell nude and covered in stasis gel. She orders them to be brought to the Med Bay to be treated and revived properly. After a while Ani interviews them and discovers that Jovan was sent by the Novox corporation to Rackasha as an ambassador/scientist to negotiate for the Graviton Crystals found only on Rackasha. Being refused they send Jason Caldwell with the Genophage unbeknownst to him. Jovan learns of this and codes Lynda’s DNA with the cure and he sends her to Rackasha.
Arriving at Rackasha the crew of the Kaine contact Claudus’ old partner Learah to obtain access to a lab to finish work on the cure. She agrees to meet but Ani is suspicious. Dagda takes a drop ship down and meets with her. Ani and crew take a transport with all the equipment that they need and the Rackashans also. The Rackashans are extremely week because of the extended voyage without food. They all find the lab and create the cure. Security forces attack. Bob saves the day by driving the transport into the security forces and rescuing the crew. The Rackashans vow to stay and rebuild their race now that they have the cure. Ani and crew leave to rejoin the USS Kaine.


Dayson Dayson

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