The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

Dagda and Velgur work feverishly to repair the USS Kaine. Ani Blaze works on the USS Clark. Both ships, ready to travel to the Shandama Syndicate’s home world, leave the Eros Belt and make the jump into jumpspace. Just before they leave Neo York’s territory Elizabeth Covington hyperwaves Ani, who is aboard the USS Clark, to check on her progress. Regional Governor Covington learns that Ani and crew are about to leave her region. Governor Covington warns Ani not to leave or there will be dire consequences. Ani, determined to save the Rackashans and Dr. Lynda Caldwell, orders both ships to continue to Shandama. Once in Shandama’s space Velgur An repairs the cloaking devices on both ships. They are safe from detection at the moment, but the repairs are tenuous at best. Ani detects another asteroid field near Shandama. Due to some incredible flying both ships remain cloaked and hide inside the asteroid field. Velgur An gets the cloaking device working on the drop ship that the USS Kaine has in her hold. Ani, Dagda, and Velgur take the cloaked drop ship to the outskirts of the city. The Rakashans and 1138 remain on the USS Kaine safe from the detection of the syndicate. The Hellions, as Ani calls the group land near the docks. The docks are a very seedy and rough part of the city. They try to hail a passing cab but to no avail. Ani spots a hooker(Desahrae) across the street. Desahrae remembers Jollie Brightstar, Ani’s contact on the planet. Desahrae directs them to the center of the city. They start walking and come upon a train station. Willie, the bum, warns them not to travel in the last car. They all board the train. After a while Ani notices a person, who looks very familiar, staring at her. It is actually Elizabeth Covington in disguise(spoiler). Two thugs get into the same car as Ani and crew. One stays with Covington and the other one exits the car at the same time as Ani and crew. The thug Bob bullied by Ani leads them into a dark alley. He and three of his friends attack. Ani and crew manage to defeat them all but keep Bob alive for questioning. He tells them that he is working for Elizabeth Covington and is coerced into leading them to Ani’s contact here on the planet. The only safe way to do that is the sewer system. Everyone descends safely and makes their way to the center of town. Covered in disgusting slime they surface near a crowd on a busy street when…


Dayson Dayson

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