The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine

There's no place like home!

Dagda and Velgur call Ani back to the USS Kaine using their wrist comps. She returns having lost her attackers in the asteroid field. She docks the USS Clark and makes her way to Med Bay. Ani has concerns about Lynda’s willingness to be a voluntary participant in Claudus’ genetic experiment that is changing her genetic code to help save the Rackashan race. Dagda hacks into the computer system and finds Lynda Caldwell’s logs that state she is doing so of her own free will. Ani orders Dagda and 1138 to fix the weapons systems and they do so just in time. A group of 6 pirates attack and Ani goes over to the USS Clark to fend them off. She,Dagda, and 1138 destroy all but one of the pirates, who escapes back to their hidden base(spoiler). Dagda and Velgur work on the computers to get access to higher security levels. They get green and yellow level access, but red remains elusive. Everyone but Claudus’ wives and 1138 go to the captains stateroom/yacht to discuss the plight of the Rackashan race. Claudus tells them that he is a renegade scientist on his home-world and that going back there means death for him and his party. Our heros agree to take the Rackashans to the home-world of the Shandama Syndicate to meet a contact of Ani’s and find them a new world to settle. Not able to take both ships because Dr. Lynda Caldwell is in stasis and only halfway through the transformation process they ready the USS Kaine to make the perilous journey…


Dayson Dayson

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