The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine

Book One: Into the asteroid field!

The crew of the USS Clark have been tasked with Letters of Marque and Reprisal by Governor Elizabeth Covington to make a profit and eradicate the local pirate population.
Responding to a distress signal, the USS Clark finds the USS Kaine inside a dense asteroid field. Upon approach, they are attacked by a wing of 5 pirate fighter ships. Having destroyed them all, Captain Ani Blaze sends Dagda Mor and Velgur An aboard the USS Kaine to investigate. Meanwhile, more pirate fighter ships arrive and drive Ani away from the USS Kaine. In an effort to save her ship and crew she leads the fighters away. The USS Clark moves deeper into the asteroid field.
Dagda and Velgur enter via a hatch in the cargo bay. The ship has obviously been attacked and is severely damaged. They make it safely through the the hatch of the Engine Room. Velgur uses his wrist comp to open the hatch. Upon entering, they are attacked by 5 spiderbots. Victorious, they leave the Engine Room and go exploring. They notice two large containers with what look to be bodies. Moving on to the main hallway, They come to the Medical Bay but it is blocked by a very tough web so they decide to move on. They next discover the crews quarters/rec room. Velgur finds an unusual knife. It is a nano-knife capable of injecting nanobots into the bloodstream which can rewrite DNA strands. Next they move to the Computer Room. All the security codes have been rewritten. They move onto the Bridge. Higher level security codes protect it. They find the hatch that leads to the Captains private yacht/stateroom. Velgur finds the radio room with state of the art connections to the hyperlink. They next go to the Maintenance Bay where they find the main spiderbot that controls all the spider bots throughout the ship. It has security lockouts that prevent our heroes from interfacing with it. Dagda awakens 1138, a repair mech. He approaches in a non-threatening way. Since security has been set to non-lethal the mech does not immediately attack. Velgur manages to get it to help them. Dagda confiscates the laser rifle that 1138 carries. They leave the Maintenance Bay and go back to the Web. After a few shots with the laser rifle and 1138’s huge wrench they gain entrance only to discover that it is being guarded by 3 Rackashan females. The wives of Claudus, a genius level bio-engineer. He is rewriting the DNA coding of Dr. Lynda Caldwell(spoiler). Dagda talks to Claudus and defuses the situation. Cladus explains that he has to do this to save his race the Rackashans, which is becoming extinct. Velgur and Dagda offer to help Claudus and he agrees. When…


Dayson Dayson

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