The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine

Here we go again!

Captain Ani Blaze checks the shuttle for clues to her current situation. She discovers that the shuttle’s controlls have been locked out by Dagda Mor for her safety. Dagda goes to engineering to check on the progress of the repairs that Velgur An is makeing. Dagda looks for Ani but she hides in the shuttle believing that Dagda is staging a coup. After a very strange conversation with Ani, Dagda goes to the Med bay to talk to Jovan and Jason Caldwell about Ani’s condition. He is told that she is stable for now but that can change at any momment. Just then Velgar notices the shields drop out and sees an amber security light. He attempts repair and succeeds. 1138 is asked to do a level three security scan outside the ship. The scan turns up a black hole at the extreme range of their sensors. While doing routine maintainence, Velgur notices the main reactor scramming to 110% of normal. All attempts at repair fail so Dagda orders the main reactor to be shut down completly. With all power down the gravitational pull of the black hole draws the U.S.S. Kaine closer and accelerating second by second. The Mech 1138 is ordered to assist Velgur in ships repairs. Ani is given temporary command again and she orders Dagda to use the shuttle to push the Kaine to safety. As he attempts to do so, the Kaine starts tumbling out of control towards the black hole. Dagda is ordered to get clear of the Kaine as Velgur and 1138 repair the main thrusters. Repairs complete, the Kaine is brought under control and Dagda redocks with the Kaine safely. However, the port sensors are now offline and the crew needs a backup panel from the Main Med Scanner Bed to replace it. Jovan and Jason, reluctantly, agree. Ani notices a yellow blip at the extreme edge of their sensor screen. It is Regional Governor Elizabeth Covington aboard the U.S.S. Victory closing on them. Velgur creates a power draining device that drains power from personal weapons. Covington’s shuttle docs with the Kaine. Covington exits the shuttle with Ani’s brother David, whom she thought dead along time ago. David has an explosive collar around his neck and Elizabeth is holding a deadmans switch. Velgur sneaks aboard Covington’s shuttle and hides a tracking device that has a limited range to inside a solar sysytem. While giving her brother David a hug, Ani slips him a dagger. Repair techs from the Victory board the Kaine and fix all issues with the Kaine. With all issues fixed the Kaine jumps to P14K29. Ani, suspicious of Covington’s motives says,“Here we go again!”


Dayson Dayson

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