The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine

Book Two: A Penny for your thoughts!

The crew of the U.S.S. Kaine are taking some much needed shore leave on Hosbec, where they can rest and get supplies to repair the Kaine. While seated in the local bar, Brubek’s, they notice a heavyset patron who offers to buy Ani a drink. She accepts the “Dante’s Revenge” and downs it in one gulp. Ani doesn’t know the drink was laced with knockout chemicals and succumbs to their effects. Dagda Mor confronts John Bartholomew and carriers her outside the bar ushered by John. Dagda tries to steer them toward the local Constabulary but is waylaid by three thugs carrying Stun Batons in an alleyway. Dagda shoots one of the thugs. The wounded thug is carried off by the other. Their leader, Thomas Watson, capitulates and brings Dagda and Ani to his office down the street. Once there, Thomas offers to revive Ani. Dagda agrees and Ani is given a powerful stimulant. Ani notices a file folder on the desk and asks what it is all about. The file contains information about all the crew members of the Kaine. It also contains a mission briefing from Regional Governor Elizabeth Covington. The mission is to retrieve a Psiclops names Llofali (Penny) to negotiate between the Empire and The Verushi. The only lead the crew has is to travel to Psidonia, Llofali’s home world. Governor Covington gives each of them a sizable stipend and a promise of a reward upon the successful completion of the mission. The crew agrees to the terms knowing the their warrant has been lifted and they are once again under Letters of Marque and Reprisal from Covington. Once again aboard the U.S.S. Kaine at the common meal time Ani notices a temperature drop and sees what she thinks is a vapor cloud out of the corner of her eye. She asks Dagda And Velgur to investigate. They both turn up nothing so Ani drops it and gets a hot shower and some rest in her stateroom. No sooner than she shuts her eyes, she hears voices. She calls Dagda and her does a level three scan of the ship. He reports all is normal. After breakfast, Ani hears the voices again. Dagda, concerned for Ani’s sanity confines her to quarters but not before Ani confronts him about,“Taking over Her ship.” Ani calls Jason Caldwell who places her in the scanning chamber under restraints. Jason finds genetic anomalies in the scan but refuses to tell Ani. Jason tells Dagda, who has officially taken command, about a planet not far from Psidonia called P14K29. It has all the necessary materials to cure Ani’s affliction. Temporarily cleared by Jason, Ani calls her contact on Shandama for information on the Verushi. He tells her that the Verushi are working on psychic and genetic warfare. Ani asks him to meet her so he sends a set of coordinates and a time stamp. Ani also calls her friend Claudus on Rackash who cannot be reached just yet when…


Dayson Dayson

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