The Salvage of the U.S.S. Kaine

A night on the town!

The party, with their hostage in tow, emerge from the sewer to a town meeting. Everyone is covered in slimy sewer filth and attracts the attention of the townies. Amidst claims of “sewer maintenance” they make their way past the meeting and toward the warehouse where Ani’s contact, Jollie Brightstar, is located. The font door is locked, so they go to the alley side door that is also locked. Ani notices a mark by the door the signifies that this is where her contact really is. Velgur An picks the lock and everyone enters. Dagda Mor notices a panel with a timer that is counting down. Velgur An disarms the security panel just in time, 007 seconds to go. The warehouse has an assortment of parts and supplies needed to repair the USS Kaine. Ani notices an office at the back of the warehouse. Jollie Brightstar is in there. Jollie agrees to help them get the supplies that they need. Jollie knows that her life is now in jeopardy also. Everyone agrees to find and steal a transport to take the supplies back to the USS Kaine. They leave on foot toward the warf side district. Dagda Mor notices overhead that patrols of birdmen are in a search pattern for them. They are able to use that pattern to evade detection by staying in the shadows. At the edge of the city they come to an expanse of open space between them and the transport that they need. Dagda Mor suggests hotwiring two transports. Velger An does so. One of the transports is used as a diversion as it explodes. This draws the attention of the birdmen security patrols. Our heroes make their way back to the warehouse using spare exploding power cells as diversions. Velgur An hacks the security system at the warehouse again. Dagda Mor enters first and notices shadows amongst the warehouse racks. They decide to fight. Four birdmen attack our party. Our heroes win a tough fight. They are free to get the supplies that they need to repair and resupply the USS Kaine.


Dayson Dayson

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